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EB1C Multinational Executives and Managers

We boast a near 100 percent success rate for the numerous EB1C petitions we have filed! Since 1996, our firm has focused on helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors attain their immigration goals. We assist clients from all over the world in establishing new businesses, acquiring existing businesses, and making investments in a manner that enables our clients to obtain an EB1C immigrant visa.

Our EB1C lawyer will consider your business goals, financial status, and your personal situation, offer detailed guidance to improve your business plan, and gather favorable documentation to achieve the case approval. Our EB1C attorney reviews your job duties with your overseas company and your proposed job duties coming to the US to ensure that they meet the regulation provisions on “managerial” or “executive” for EB1C green card petition. Our EB1C attorney also reviews your company organizational charts and your position in the charts to ensure that they meet the USCIS requirements. The Law Office of Tricia Wang has extensive experience in handling L1 Visas and EB1C green card applications for companies of all sizes. Let our EB1C attorneys assist you with your green card application under the EB1C category.

EB 1C Multinational Executives and Managers

EB 1 is an employment based, first preference Green Card. The EB 1 is an immigrant visa classification that provides lawful permanent residence in the U.S to those persons with extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics through sustained international acclaim. To qualify for an EB1 Green Card as a first priority worker, the applicant must have an extraordinary ability, or be an outstanding professor or researcher, or be a multinational executive or manager. No labor certification is required for all EB1 categories.

EB 1C is a sub group of EB 1 visa category of a priority worker. The applicant to an EB 1C visa, i.e., the foreign worker must be a multinational executive or manager who has been employed abroad in the corporation. To qualify for an EB 1C visa,

  1. the petitioning employer (the US company) must have been doing business for at least one year;
  2. the job offer to the alien with the US petitioning employer must be in a managerial or executive capacity;
  3. the alien must have been employed by the entity abroad for at least one year in a managerial or executive capacity in the three years preceding entry as a nonimmigrant,
  4. the U.S. and foreign entities has qualifying relationship, i.e. affiliate, parent, subsidiary or branch

The law has clearly defined the role and responsibilities of a “Manager” and an “Executive”. The following requirements must be satisfied to qualify as a Manager or Executive:

In order to be qualified as a Manager, the applicant must

  1. Manage a corporation, department, subdivision, or function.
  2. Supervise and control the work of other supervisory, professional, or managerial employees, or else manage essential functions.
  3. Have the authority to make personal decisions as to hiring and termination, or else function at a senior level, or
  4. Exercise discretion over the day to day operations of the activity or function for which he or she has authority.

In order to be qualified as an Executive, the applicant must be

  1. A person who manages an organization, major component, or function
  2. A person who has the authority to establish goals and policies
  3. A person who has wide latitude and discretionary decision making authority or
  4. A person receives only general supervision from higher executives, board of directors, or stockholders

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