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We boast a near 100 percent success rate for the numerous L1 visa petitions we have filed! Since 1996, our firm has focused on helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors attain their immigration goals. We assist clients from all over the world in establishing new businesses, acquiring existing businesses, and making investments in a manner that enables our clients to obtain an L1 visa.

Our L1A/L1B attorney will consider your business goals, financial status, and personal situation, offer detailed guidance to improve your business plan, and gather favorable documentation to achieve the case approval. Our L1A/L1B attorney clearly explains the documentation required for the L1 visa, such as proving a qualifying relationship between the U.S. company and overseas company, and reviews your job duties with your overseas company and your proposed job duties coming to the U.S. to ensure that they meet the regulation provisions on “managerial” or “executive” job duties for the L1A visa, or “specialized knowledge” jobs for the L1B visa. Our L1A/L1B attorney also reviews your company organizational charts and your position in the charts to ensure that they meet the USCIS requirements. The Law Office of Tricia Wang has extensive experience in handling L1 visas for companies of all sizes. Let our L1 visa attorneys assist you with your L1 visa petition! L-1 VISA

The L-1 visa is a non-immigrant visa category that allows overseas companies to transfer their employees mainly executives, managers, etc. and employees with specialized knowledge to its parent, subsidiary, branch or affiliate in the U.S. This is a good way for businesses and companies to expand into the U.S. Businesses and companies operating in the U.S may also petition to the USCIS for a L-1 visa to transfer a foreign worker to the U.S from its overseas office.

The foreign workers enter U.S. as intracompany transferees to work temporarily for a parent, subsidiary, branch or affiliate of the same company that employed the foreign worker overseas, either in a

  • managerial or executive capacity (L-1A) or
  • specialized knowledge capacity (L-1B)

Unlike H-1B visas, there is no annual cap for L-1 visas or a labor certification application. However, the employee is required to have been employed overseas for the company, corporation, firm, affiliate, subsidiary or other legal entity on a Full-time basis for at least one year out of the last three years to petition for a L-1 visa.

L-1 A Visa for Executives and Managers

The role of an executive and manager for the purpose of petitioning for a L-1A visa are strictly defined. The executive or manager must have a supervisory role and be responsible for professional staff and/or for a key function, department or subdivision of the employer. The petition must include a detailed description of the duties attached to the particular role. L-1A visas are initially issued for a period of up to three years which can be extended twice by two years to a maximum of seven years.

L-1 B Visa for Specialized Knowledge

L-1 B visas are reserved for those foreign employees who have specialized knowledge of the company’s products & services, research, proprietary techniques, classified information, special technical knowledge, management and systems. Documentation of such specialized knowledge is extremely essential for the petition. These visas are issued for an initial period of three years and can be extended to a maximum of five years.

Both L-1A and L-1B visa holders must have the intention to depart the US upon completion of the duration of stay in the US but can apply for and obtain Permanent Residency status in the duration of their L-1 status in the US.

“New Office” L1s

L-1 visas can also be obtained for foreign companies to open a ‘New Office’ in the U.S. A ‘New Office’ is understood to mean an organization which has been doing business in the U.S through its parent, subsidiary, branch or affiliate for less than one year. For “New Office” the initial period of stay is one year which can be extended further. There is no minimum amount of capital investment that is mandated by law. So capital investment could be any amount that is the industry norm or recommended.

The knowledgeable Fremont business immigration attorney at Law Office of Tricia Wang has more than 25 years of experience helping clients with their L1 visas and immigration needs. Let us help you get your L1 visa so you can work and grow your business in the United States! Contact us now!

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