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To keep our fee low, we limit the credit card payment to $600.00. If you wish to pay by credit card, we ask you to add a 3.49% surcharge for the amount exceeding $600.

To use Zelle, please send payment to

If you prefer to pay us by ACH, please contact our office by calling 510-791-0232 for instructions.

Consultation fee - Where your money is best spent

律师咨询费 - 花钱花在刀刃上

Attorney regular rate $500/hour.

Initial consultation fee for immigration matters is charged at a discounted hourly rate of $400.00 by the below schedule:

$200 ≤ 30 Minutes
$300 ≤ 45 min
$400 ≤ 60 min

Consultation can be in-person or over the phone or Zoom, or Wechat.

Consultation fee is deductible if we are retained within a month.

We appreciate your business.