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Immigration Testimonials

“Tricia and her legal team have recently successfully completed a L1 VISA case for me for one of my employees. Her attention to details, degree of responsibility, comprehensive and relentless dedication to her client is unsurpassed and second to none.”
Anthony H.

"Attorney Tricia Wang has been the immigration attorney for my company for many years. Her office is a very responsive, professional, courteous, and efficient law firm. Attorney Wang provides a first-class service, always ready to answer questions, and offers advice and suggestions. She and her longtime assistant Judy are the best team I have worked with. They have prepared and filed numerous H1B, PERM and green card applications for our many employees. They are very organized, and pay great attention to the details and issues of each and every case. They always keep us informed about each and every step of all the cases. I would recommend this law office to any employers who needs a great and reliable immigration lawyer."
Tiong T.

“I am a US citizen and I petitioned for my husband who lives in Morocco to come to the U.S.A. in 2014. Thinking that it’s just filling out a bunch of paperwork, I tried to do this all by myself. After more than a year, my husband's case was still trapped at the National Visa Center. All the paperwork and the long separation from my husband was taking its toll and I was starting to lose faith. Then I sought help and met with attorney Wang and her assistant Judy. Through their help, the documents passed the National Visa Center quickly and the immigrant visa interview was scheduled soon thereafter for him. Now I am looking forward to starting our new life together. Throughout the time we spent together, they always made me feel comfortable and optimistic about the entire process. They were very responsive and always ready to answer any question I had. I appreciate all the help and support from them and I highly recommend them. They always made me feel at peace and I never left the office feeling like I made a mistake choosing them to help me. If you need an immigration lawyer, you can't do any better than the Law Offices of Tricia Wang.”
Jessica A.

“From the first meeting my husband and I had with Tricia we knew she was the one who could help us and handle our case. She explained patiently all the steps we had to take in order to get our permanent resident card. She was always available for any questions we had during the collection of the required documents needed, always give the best advice. She took away all the stress during the procedure and made us feel that everything would work just fine. And everything did work great, in just 4 months I had my permanent resident card. We are so grateful to Tricia and Judy, her personal assistant, for taking such great care of us and our case.”
Rosette F.

Personal Injury Testimonials

"Tricia and her team helped us through our personal injury case caused by a rare-seen traffic accident. The police report had no decisive conclusion of which party was at fault and statements of eyewitnesses were inconsistent and our own insurance company was incompetent. Tricia was able to pursue a crucial lead, fund the necessary resources, and locate the much-needed talent to settle the case with a sizeable compensation from the other insurer quickly. Thank you very much for Tricia and her team's efforts and dedication. We really appreciate their help."
Y. Wang

"My family got into an accident last year. I was hurt and needed help right away. Attorney Tricia Wang and the case manager Sabrina and PI team were very helpful and made me feel comfortable. My overall experience with this law firm was positive because my injury case was handled timely, professionally, and efficiently. I feel confident in referring this firm to anyone in need of a PI attorney as my case was handled smoothly. I would definitely call Tricia Wang’s office again should the need arise."
Zhenyu Wu

"I hired Tricia Wang as my lawyer back in 2010. It was my first auto accident, and Tricia was very reassuring. I was impressed by her knowledge which gave me confidence in her abilities to handle my case. Tricia Wang and her assistant Judy were very helpful and made me feel comfortable. Throughout the whole process, I was always being clearly informed about every aspect. Her office staff was always very courteous and helpful. They helped me get past a tough time in my life. They never made promises except that they would do their best. The outcome of my case far exceeded my expectation. My family and I got into another accident in year 2014. We were hurt and needed help right away. Attorney Wang immediately contacted the insurance company on our behalf. In the following days, they helped us arranged for car inspection, and were able to quickly get the insurance to pay for the loss of my vehicle as well as the damaged car seat! They also refer us to see the doctors who helped us a great deal with our neck and back pain. In the end, Tricia and her staff were able to negotiate with the insurance company and we received a fair compensation for our injuries. I would highly recommend Attorney Wang to anyone involved in an accident."
Yunyan Zhang

"Attorney Wang helped me settled my personal injury claim recently.
Originally I thought I would not need a lawyer and tried to handle everything by myself. However, after a while it became too much and I decided to go with the pro. It was a big relief for me! Attorney Wang and her office took over and the case was settled efficiently and professionally. Highly recommended!"
Wenli Yang

“Attorney Wang is the best injury claim attorney! A few years back I got into a car accident. At the time I was a new immigrant and I did not know what to do. I was hurt but I had no health insurance or money to see a doctor. Luckily Attorney Wang and her assistant helped me arrange for car repair, referred me to see doctors where I did not need to pay and all I needed to do was seeing the doctor and relax. They took care of everything and a few months after I finished the treatment, they sent me the settlement check! Thanks to Attorney Wang’s help, the claim process became so easy and stress free for me! Highly recommended!”
Jinhai T.

“My boyfriend and I were the victims of a pedestrian crosswalk accident in 2010. I sustained head injuries and my boyfriend also had a fractured elbow. We both were hospitalized following the accident. We went to Attorney Wang for help. Tricia and her assistant Judy gave us excellent support throughout the whole process. At the time we did not have health insurance nor money to pay for the medical care that we needed. Attorney Wang and her staff helped us find orthopedic surgeons who performed the surgeries for my boyfriend and also arranged physical therapies following the surgeries. In the beginning, the liable party’s insurance gave a low-ball offer that would not even be enough to cover the medical bills. Tricia rejected it and moved ahead with the litigation proceedings. Just before the scheduled trial date, the defendant’s insurance company caved in and Tricia negotiated a more reasonable settlement. The final settlement was five times of the original offer and we were pleased to finally put this ordeal behind us. We would highly recommend Attorney Wang to anyone involved in an accident.”
Zararain A.