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Rear Ended Car Accidents

If you got hurt in a rear-end accident and are not sure of what to do, you may pick up your phone and call up an experienced personal injury lawyer or google one for an immediate, FREE consultation. Here at Law Office of Tricia Wang, we can help you with your injury claim on contingency fee basis, which means you pay no fee out of your pocket now or later! As your attorney, we get paid only when we obtained recovery from insurance company.

Unlike other types of accidents, in rear-end collisions, the other driver will almost always be considered at fault. But that does not mean that you will necessarily get good money for your loss with little effort. While it may be easy to prove that the driver who rear-ended you was negligent, you must also prove that you sustained an injury from the collision, and finally get the fair value for your claim.

In low impact collisions where there isn’t much damage to your vehicle, this can be tough. In such cases, insurance companies usually do not contest liability, instead they would dispute that you sustained any injury in the collision. They would conclude that no injury mechanism simply based on pictures of the vehicles and your vehicle damage estimates. If your medical records do not show complaint of injury/discomfort upon the impact of the collision, or if there are gaps or other problems shown in the treatment records, it may also be used by insurance companies as grounds for denying your injuries.

On the other hand, if you are rear ended and your car is severely damaged, and you got put into a neck brace and rush to the hospital emergency room, insurance companies are unlikely to contest liability, or that you sustained injuries, instead, the contention will be over the extent and severity of your injuries, and still they are unlikely to hand out the full value for fair compensation of your severe injuries, without vigorous, unrelenting fight.

Therefore it is advisable for you get an experienced rear-end collision injury lawyer on your side, regardless of low impact or high impact collision, as long as you got injured from the collision. Tell the police officer on the scene if you were hurt, even if you only feel some discomfort, nausea, dizziness, and get immediate medical care. You should also follow your doctors’ advice and get consistent treatment. Please give us a call right away so we can help you avoid making mistake that may hurt your injury claims down the road.

As with any car accident case, your rear-end injury claim value is based on the amount of damages or losses you sustained, including your economic damages such as your medical bills, lost income, rehabilitative care costs, and other monetary loss resulted from the injury; and non-economic damages including pain and suffering, which is determined by the nature, severity of your injury and the duration of the treatment required for a full recovery.

Typically insurance adjusters evaluate pain and suffering by first looking at the types of injuries. There are two main categories:

Soft Tissue Injuries are injuries involve only muscles and other soft connective tissue. Common soft tissue injuries are sprained or strained back, neck, shoulder, knee, or ankle, etc. Soft tissue injuries, regardless of how painful you may have gone through, do not get as much value as they are usually not permanent and often times supported only by subjective description of pain or discomfort of the injured party.

Hard Injuries usually refer to injuries that can be observed by the doctor through X-ray or other test, such as Broken bones which may include even a minor chip or crack in the bone; Joint dislocation or separation, or torn ligament or cartilage; Movement or displacement of a spinal disk or vertebrae injury revealed in X-rays; a compressed or pinched nerve; Wounds such as a gash, tear, or cut that requires stitching; Head injuries, which tend to be long lasting and recurring, should be assessed carefully. Concussion, a period of unconsciousness, no matter how brief it is, or dizziness, disorientation, or nausea can all be signs of a head injury. If you are experiencing continuing headaches or dizziness, report them to your doctor without delay!

Whether you suffered hard injuries or soft tissue injuries from rear end collisions, we can help you with your injury claims!

Working with a reputable and experienced personal injury lawyer offers you the best chance at maximizing your rear end accident claims. So call us now or fill out the Contact form to reach us!